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Kentucky Breastfeeding
Strategic Plan
Why We Need This Report

This plan is for Kentucky breastfeeding supporters, policy makers, leaders, administrators,
breastfeeding advocates, health professionals, and anyone with an interest in the health and
future of Kentucky citizens. It is intended to be a blueprint for effective action to increase
breastfeeding initiation and duration in Kentucky to meet or exceed the Healthy People 2020
How This Plan Was Developed

In April 2010, the first Breastfeeding Summit was held in Bowling Green, Kentucky, as a pre-
conference to the Kentucky Dietetic Association annual meeting. National presenters set the
stage for a lively strategic planning session among one-hundred-twenty-five (125)
breastfeeding advocates. Facilitated breakout sessions were used to brainstorm on the
following six (6) evidence-based areas outlined in the Center for Disease Control (CDC)
Guide to Breastfeeding Interventions.

  • Maternity Care and Hospital Practice;
  • Support for Breastfeeding in the Workplace;
  • Peer Support;
  • Educating Mothers and Families;
  • Healthcare Professional Support; and
  • Media and Social Marketing.

Many great ideas stemmed from the Summit; however, it was clear that more work was
needed to develop a strategic plan. Two (2) follow-up meetings were held to further refine the
breastfeeding strategies. We would like to thank all those who contributed to the plan.
Together we can "Shape the Future" of Kentucky.
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Plan for Improving
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What is the Strategic Plan for Improving Breastfeeding Rates in Kentucky?

This plan outlines steps that need to be taken to help create a more breastfeeding friendly
environment in Kentucky.  New mothers need the support of the community to meet their
personal breastfeeding goals.  From health care providers to families to work places, this
plan addresses the many factors that effect a mother's breastfeeding experience.