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Kentucky Breastfeeding
For Providers
For information on where to find hospital grade breast pumps, breastfeeding classes and
lactation consultants in your area, please visit the
Kentucky Breastfeeding Resource Guide.
Printable Handouts

The handouts below were developed by the Kentucky WIC Program.  Feel free to utilize
these in your facility.  The WIC Program does request that these files not be altered.  If you
wish to have a handout professionally printed or personalized for your facility, please contact
the Kentucky State WIC Office at (502) 564-3827 or (800) 462-6122 TTY (800) 648-6056.

To see a full list of handouts or to download and print handouts visit the Kentucky WIC
Program website at

Bulk quantities of these materials are available from the Pamphlet Library. Fax orders to
Gerald Sebree, fax (502) 227-7191
Patient Education Resources