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Kentucky Breastfeeding
Common Concerns
Breastfeeding can have its challenges, but don't let a bump in the road stop you from
meeting your breastfeeding goals.

If you need immediate help please contact an IBCLC or other lactation support person in
your area.  These people can be found in the Kentucky Breastfeeding Resource Guide.

The information below answers many common questions about breastfeeding.  Most of the
materials were developed by the Kentucky WIC Program.  For more materials like these visit
For Parents
Need an IBCLC now?  
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your area.
How to Know Baby is Getting Enough to Eat
English        Spanish
Sore Nipples
English        Spanish
Breastfeeding an Older Baby
English        Spanish
Getting Started with Breastfeeding
Medication Use While Breastfeeding
English        Spanish
Nutrition During Breastfeeding
English        Spanish
Low Milk Supply, Jaundice and
Yeast Infection (thrush)
English        Spanish
Returning to Work
How to Express Breastmilk
English        Spanish
Video on expressing milk by the
Stanford School of Medicine
Breastfeeding:  Planning Ahead
English         Spanish
Breastfeeding:  Baby's Best Start
English        Spanish
Kangaroo Care
English        Spanish
Your Guide to Breastfeeding
This booklet was developed by the US Office on
Women's Health.  Click
here to choose to view it in
English, Spanish or Chinese.