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Kentucky Breastfeeding
Work Groups
Kentucky Breastfeeding Strategic Plan Work Groups

Maternity Care and Hospital Practices – Improve breastfeeding initiation though projects
promoting birth skin-to-skin care, reimbursement for prenatal breastfeeding care, improved
access to Baby-Friendly Hospitals and IBCLCs, and increased outpatient clinical lactation
Co-chairs: Susan Brown ( and Kim Coffey (

Support for Breastfeeding in the Workplace – Build on recent advances to increase the
number of employers with worksite lactation support programs and health insurance plans
that cover lactation support services, breast pump equipment and supplies.
Co-chairs: Nancy Merk ( and Barbara Ruedel (Barbara.

Peer Support -- Expand the WIC Breastfeeding Peer Counselor Program statewide and
increase referrals to WIC Breastfeeding Peer Counselors, La Leche League, and other
breastfeeding peer groups by healthcare professionals.
Co-chairs: Johnna Black ( and Jennifer Burchett (JenniferM.

Educating Mothers and Families – Educate social service program staff, other public and
private partners, and the general public with consistent breastfeeding messages for prenatal
women and their primary support networks.
Co-chairs: Dana Bennett ( and Karen Pelfrey (KarenS.Pelfrey@ky.

Health Care Professional Support – Develop opportunities for students and practitioners
in health professions serving breastfeeding families (eg., medicine, nursing, dietetics, and
other allied health fields)  to receive evidence-based content on breastfeeding and human
lactation in their course of study and through continuing education.
Co-chairs: Doraine Bailey ( and Merritt Thomas (Merritt.

Media and Social Marketing – Develop an integrated network of online media to
disseminate breastfeeding information, including website, facebook, twitter, and other outlets.
Co-chairs: Jan Johnson ( and Ann Stevens (reginaa.stevens@lcdhd.