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Kentucky Breastfeeding
This website is a collaboration between the Lactation Improvement Network of Kentucky
(LINK) and the Kentucky Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and
Children (WIC).  This website is a joint effort to provide Kentucky specific as well as general
breastfeeding information to people across the Commonwealth.  Both LINK and KY WIC
believe that breastfeeding is the natural step after pregnancy and delivery as is evidenced by
its prevention of disease in both mother and child.

Despite how natural breastfeeding is, some mothers are afraid to try to breastfeed, others
falsely view formula as equivalent to human milk, while other women wish to breastfeed but
encounter obstacles.

LINK and KY WIC would like to help mothers, their healthcare providers, and our society
understand that:

  • The majority of women are capable of successfully breastfeeding their babies;
  • Labor, delivery and newborn care practices can either promote successful
    breastfeeding or  hinder it;
  • Human milk is not only the best form of infant nutrition, but the standard;
  • Nursing at the breast is needed to promote normal development of the oral and nasal
  • Mothers can continue to breastfeed even if they have to return to school or work;
  • Everyone can play a part in supporting breastfeeding mothers and babies.

We are open to suggestions on how to improve breastfeeding across our state.  Please feel
free to contact us and get involved!
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