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Western Kentucky
Breastfeeding Conference
August 4, 2017
Location:  Bowling Green, KY
Speaker:  Lisa Marasco, MA,
Registration: Click here

Lactation on the Levee
August 2, 2017
Location: Newport Aquarium
 Newport, KY
Speaker:  Lisa Marasco, MA,
Registration: Click here

Appalachian Breastfeeding
Network 1st Annual
October 6, 2017
Location:  Beckley, WV
Topic:  Normalizing
Breastfeeding in Appalachia
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KLIC Conference
Registration will be available at
Your resource for breastfeeding support in Kentucky
Visit the
Lactation Improvement Network of
Kentucky (LINK),  Kentucky's
statewide breastfeeding coalition
at their website
Appalachian Breastfeeding Network (ABN)

Kentucky has several regional breastfeeding coalitions, support networks and
a state level network.  The Appalachian Breastfeeding Network supports
Kentucky and several other states that contain portions of the Appalachian
region and culture.  Membership is free.  To join, find out more about their
cause or to register for their first annual conference visit
Appalachian Breastfeeding Network's 1st
Annual Conference will not be a typical
professional development or continue
education conference.  For people wanting to
improve their clinical skills, please attend one
of the three conferences planned in Kentucky.
ABN's conference plans to focus on why the
rates of breastfeeding in Appalachia have
lagged so far behind the national average; what
cultural, structural and socio-economic barriers
to breastfeeding women in Appalachia are
facing; and how can these challenges be
addressed so women can meet their personal
breastfeeding goals.